Our Story

Co-founded by Steve Rosenthal and Greg Gagne in 2021, Relativity Worldwide, PowerTown Wrestling, is dedicated to creating authentic collectibles that honor and support the hard-working athlete-entertainers and families who built the sport of Professional Wrestling. PowerTown connects collectors with the stories and personalities they revere. 

Rosenthal, former Vice President of Marketing at Remco Toys may be best remembered for creating the original wrestling action figure craze of the mid-1980s after a licensing partnership with legendary wrestler Verne Gagne for the American Wrestling Association. 

Greg Gagne, son of Verne Gagne, is a former professional wrestler turned trainer. Celebrated through the AWA Remco line, Greg achieved success as one half of the tag team The High-Flyers with Jim Brunzell. In the action figure work, Greg can be seen as one half of the High-Flyers with Jim Brunzell and is also featured with Curt Hennig as one half of Gagne's Raiders.

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