Pre-Orders are Back for a Limited Time

First and foremost a sincere thanks to ALL our PowerTown supporters!

Re-running the new and improved Series 1 Ultras has created a very limited window for PowerTown to reopen pre-orders in response to the numerous requests from fans and collectors, to either place initial orders or increase their current orders.

What this means is that you have one last chance to order PowerTown Ultras Series 1  

We encourage everyone who’s interested, to take advantage of this very limited window of opportunity to get their pre-orders in. Once this offer closes, Series 1 is closed for good!

Pre-Orders Reopen At 12am-Midnight On President’s Day Monday February 20th And Close at 12pm-Noon On Wednesday March 1st

Anticipated Delivery Date For Series 1 Ultras, Waves 1 and 2 Is Mid April