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Remco PowerTown AllStar Wrestlers Series 1: Nick Bockwinkel!

Remco PowerTown AllStar Wrestlers Series 1: Nick Bockwinkel!

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Hailing from Beverly Hills, California, the four-time World Heavyweight Champion, Nick Bockwinkel, was a cornerstone of the AWA during the 1970s and 1980s. Redefining the role of a heel, Bockwinkel exuded a sense of intellectual superiority, belittling opponents and fans alike with his sharp wit and cutting promos.

With an in-ring psychology and calculated approach to matches that exploited his opponents' weaknesses, Bockwinkel demonstrated a willingness to bend the rules to gain the upper hand. His masterful portrayal of a villain in professional wrestling set the standard, influencing generations of wrestlers to come.

Product Details 

6 inch scale

28 Modes of Articulation

Head rotates
Shoulders splay and rotate back & forward
Elbow moves back & forward and rotates
Wrists move back & forward and rotates
Waist rotates
Hips splay and move forward & back
Knees move back & forward and rotates
Boots rotate at tops
Ankles bend back & forward, and rock

Soft PVC Accessories

Allows for flexibility and removability

Product Includes:

3 Sets of Interchangeable Hands
Soft Goods Jacket
Championship Belt

Prototype shown, final product may vary.

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Expected shipping Q3 2024.
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