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Kamala The Ugandan Giant PowerTown Ultras Series 2

Kamala The Ugandan Giant PowerTown Ultras Series 2

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Kamala, the Ugandan Giant, was a staple of professional wrestling during the 1980s and 1990s. A fearsome, savage-like character best known for his war paint, loincloth, tribal mask, and necklace, Kamala gained the attention of fans with his menacing presentation and untamed behavior.

Rising to fame in the Mid-South Wrestling and World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) promotions, Kamala solidified his reputation as an intimidating opponent through his wild and unpredictable wrestling style. During his several stints in the WWF, Kamala captivated audiences through feuds with some of the biggest names in wrestling at the time. Throughout the years, Kamala was often escorted by Kim Chee, Harvey Wippleman, Skandor Akbar, or “Classy” Freddie Blassie, adding a critical element of an untamed beast attempting to be controlled by a handler.

Following his prominent runs in the WWF, Kamala’s wrestling career continued across various promotions and independent circuits. While facing numerous challenges out of the ring, Kamala’s career is etched in resilience. A beloved and celebrated wrestler, the Ugandan Giant Kamala passed away in August 2020. Defined by the memorable and unique character he established, Kamala’s legacy will live on through the effective storytelling he portrayed

Product Details 

7 inch scale

Accurately sculpted for their real life height in scale with other wrestlers.

30 Modes of Articulation 

Head rotates and nods
Arms rotate and move forward and back
Bicep rotates
Elbows move forward and back
Wrists rotate and move forward and back
Torso rotates and leans forward and back
Waist rotates and leans forward and back
Hips splay and move forward and back  
Knees move forward and back  
Boots rotate at tops
Ankles bend forward, back, rotate, and rock 

Soft PVC Accessories

Allows for flexibility and removability

Product Includes:

Two interchangeable heads, Three interchangeable sets of hands
Softgoods loincloth
Tribal Mask
Savage Necklace

Final product may vary.

All International orders are responsible for paying any import fees.

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