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Madusa PowerTown Ultras Series 2

Madusa PowerTown Ultras Series 2

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Madusa, “Made in the USA,” is an icon in professional wrestling. Making her debut in the American Wrestling Association (AWA), Madusa captured the AWA World Women's Championship in 1987. With an adaptable wrestling style, Madusa incorporated technical mastery with high-flying maneuvers and kickboxing-style strikes.

A trailblazer for women in wrestling, Madusa traveled the world competing in All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling (AJW), where she faced top female wrestlers from around the globe and captured the IWA World Women’s Championship on two separate occasions. Making major promotion leaps, Madusa gained momentum in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), rebranded herself in the WWF as Alundra Blayze, but eventually returned to WCW as Madusa, where she continued to compete in WCW’s women’s division and broke gender barriers by capturing the Cruiserweight Championship.

Madusa paved the way for future generations of female wrestlers. In a male-dominated industry, Madusa smashed barriers and captured championships along the way. Pushing women’s wrestling to its boundaries, Madusa set a new standard for female wrestlers. Madusa stamped her ticket to the WWE Hall of Fame and the Women’s Wrestling Hall of Fame, securing herself as a pioneer who paved the way for the modern era of women’s wrestling.

Product Details 

7 inch scale

Accurately sculpted for their real life height in scale with other wrestlers.

30 Modes of Articulation 

Head rotates and nods
Arms rotate and move forward and back
Bicep rotates
Elbows move forward and back
Wrists rotate and move forward and back
Torso rotates and leans forward and back
Waist rotates and leans forward and back
Hips splay and move forward and back  
Knees move forward and back  
Boots rotate at tops
Ankles bend forward, back, rotate, and rock 

Soft PVC Accessories

Allows for flexibility and removability

Product Includes:

Two interchangeable heads, Three interchangeable sets of hands
AJWWA (All-Japan Women’s Wrestling Association) Peoples Championship Belt


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